About our firm

The Eipre & Partners Law Firm was founded in 2002 and we have been operating in the legal field for over 10 consecutive years. Since the foundation we have significantly expanded and formed a competent and dedicated team who make use of their best knowledge, experience and personal character in order to efficiently help protect the customers’ interests.

Our goal is to offer our customers comprehensive solutions that are qualified, flexible and take into account the specific characteristics of each customer and that are based on the knowledge and application of the legislation, jurisprudence and case law. In order to achieve the best results possible we cooperate with several specialists in other fields both from Estonia as well as from abroad. By following the aforementioned principles our legal services can compete with those of any other law firms operating on the market.

The Eipre & Partners Law Firm mainly focuses on corporate law, bankruptcy and enforcement proceedings, administrative and penal law and litigation. Our attorneys provide legal aid in Estonian and also in English, Russian and Finnish.

The strong points of our highly motivated team are professionalism, creativity, openness and efficiency in achieving the objectives set. We consider continuous professional development of our attorneys very important and therefore they regularly participate in relevant training events.

Due to perpetual changes taking place in our society, our customers need increasingly more legal assistance in assessing transaction-related risks, decision-making and problem solving. Qualified legal aid has become inevitable and turning to us in time enables us to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and confidence and allows them to devote themselves to their principal activities.

Our clients include, amongst others: Floorin AS, Hansaplant OÜ, Minister Urve Palo, Eesti Raudtee AS, Anders Tsahkna.